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Chipped asphalt shingles aren’t always obvious to the eye. Visible signs you need a roof repair or replacement is when granules are seen in the gutter. Other signs could be when hairline fractures are caused by hail. In other words, missing shingles or leaks is not the only signs you need a new roof.

If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced and it isn’t resolved fast, your roof could be facing structural damages. And this could be due to a tiny itty bitty leak.

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The first step in replacing or repairing your roof is a full roof inspection. We have licensed roofers that will come to your residence for a thorough roof inspection. If your roof is severely damaged we will take pictures to send to your insurance.

Afterwards we will provide recommendations along with an affordable way to fix or replace your roof. We will lay out all your options and also discuss financing.

The final step is ordering the supplies and materials. We will set a start and end date. Once the supplies and materials are in our possession we will start working on repairing/replacing your roof in a timely manner.

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We opened an office in Orlando Florida for Emergency Roofing, Roof Repairs & Re-Roofs.

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